Structured Cabling System

We have very extensive experience in designing and installing standards based structured cabling solutions for large enterprises and we have a large customer base.

We have successfully delivered solutions across many industry sectors including Finance, Hospitality, Government, Defence, Telecoms and Utilities.  Our certified solutions involve high quality components from leading European and USA manufacturers. We are an approved Value Installer for Molex,  Panduit, Brand Rex structured cabling System.

Our design and project management capabilities are qualified consultants and we are familiar with designing and implementing business critical solutions that require intrinsic fault tolerant designs that include flexibility and scalability.




Our design and installation capabilities design cover Cat5E to Cat6A/7, fibre optic cabling from multi-mode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, to single-mode OS1 and beyond and we have the engineers and skills to install or upgrade your network.


Standard Services

  • Design and engineering of structured cabling networks including UTP, STP, FTP and Fibre, multimode and singlemode.
  • Implementation planning, project management.
  • Installation from certified engineers.
  • Testing
  • Certification and warranty directly from the manufacturer

  All our installations come with a full 20 to 25 year warranty backed by our partners

    Intelligent Infrastructure Management

 Our intelligent patching and infrastructure solutions can be installed in your network or Data Centre to enable easy management of your network and throughout your building to create structured solutions for your users. We help you to take control of your communication cabling infrastructure, to bring about reduced costs and improved management.

Intelligent infrastructure management features include the ability to track and document any changes to the patch field and store those changes in a database. Through software, these solutions also offer work order processes that let you input scheduled connectivity changes and guide technicians through the steps.

Another key benefit of intelligent systems is improved security of the physical layer. When changes occur in the connections, the systems can send alerts via various communication methods, including e-mail, cell phones, and pagers. In addition, our intelligent infrastructure management solutions can disable LAN access in the event of an unauthorized connection.

Our solutions can also be integrated with CAD floor or building diagrams to graphically view, update, and physically locate every network connection. This can even include network connectivity maps overlaid on CAD diagrams that are automatically updated when a change occurs.